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13% discount until 30th of September | Bohemian 4 Rooms, 2 Baths | Dacia Area

Bucuresti, Dacia

ID: P1346 78
  • Nr. camere:4
  • S. utila:114.00 mp
  • S. construita:138.00 mp
  • Comp.:Decomandat
  • Confort:Lux
  • Etaj:Etaj 4
  • Nr. bucatarii:1
  • Nr. bai:2
  • Nr. balcoane:3
  • An constructie:1933
  • An renovare:2020
  • Structura:Beton
  • Tip imobil:Bloc
  • Regim inaltime:S+P+5
  • Orientare:Nord-Sud
  • Risc seismic:Urgenta 2
  • Clasa energetica:A

I have the pleasure to present a gorgeous property in the heart of the city, in the Dacia Neighborhood, an apartment that has been completely renovated up to modern standards.
As you can see the apartment, has the specific open floorplan of interbellic buildings, which offers great flexibility in designing the space.

What is not as apparent maybe, is all the work that has been put into renovating the apartment, a process that lasted 19 months. The property has been completely refurbished, the concrete floor has been redone, electrical redone, plumbing redone, central heating has been added, all of the original carpentry has been kept and reconditioned and the property has ben thermally isolated, maintaining an optimal temperature with minimal costs.

Due to its circular, open floorplan, it would be ideal for as an office, therapy practice or other quiet and private commercial applications. The access to each room is made through the central foyer which is large enough to accommodate a reception desk.

The building's seismic class is "Urgenta 2", due to the facade, which requires a revamp. All the necessary paper-work has been submitted and approved by the City Hall, with an approximate commencement in October this year. The elevator will also be completely changed, because at the moment it is not functional.

Call me anytime for showings and/or a chat about real estate!

  • Utilitati generale: Curent, Apa, Canalizare, Gaz, Fibra optica
  • Sistem incalzire: Centrala proprie
  • Izolatii: Exterior, Interior
  • Pereti: Vopsea lavabila, Faianta
  • Podele: Parchet, Gresie
  • Stare: Finisat
  • Ferestre: Lemn
  • Usa intrare: Metal
  • Usa interior: Lemn
  • Spatii utile: Boxa la subsol, Debara
  • Bucatarie: Nemobilata, Neutilata
  • Contorizare: Apometre, Contor caldura
  • Mobilat: Nemobilat
  • Imobil: Interfon, Lift

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